Meri aur uski bas itni si kahaani thi
Wo mera apna
Par mai uski begaani thi
Pyaar ke is rishte me
Mujhe duniya bhul jaani thi
Par uske dil ki baat
Maine ab tak na jaani thi

Koshishein kar karke maine
Sunayi use apni zindagani thi
Uske chehre ki masumiyat
Mujhe ek din sataani thi

Dikha kar ke jo sapne
Wo tod gaya mujhe
Yun hi in raaho me
Akela chhod gaya mujhe

Kaise na jaana wo
Mai uski kitni deewani thi
Rupiyo me tol gaya mujhe
Apne dil ki ye uljhan
Ab mujhe hi suljhaani thi

Aakar ek pal me
Duniya badal gaya wo meri
Saath chalunga sada ye kehkar
Mushkilein jod gaya wo meri

Iss toote huye dil ko jodne ki zid
Ab maine bhi thaani thi
Apne iss honsalein se mai
Kabse anjaani thiā€¦


She walked in the room with her head held up high
No one will ever know how badly she had cried
The pain in her heart can never be denied
Getting over this was all there in her mind

He who did betray her
Will see one day
You can crush her heart
But her spirit will never fade away

She is fearless and strong
Dauntless and cannot be torn
Broken as she is
But she will find her way
O boy you lost her
Kicked her away
Darling she is beautiful and she will slay
One day you will see her
You will call her name
She will be smiling and shining
As this is her way


Growing up, you never thought

That the things you really want,

Can never be bought…

The fame the money

Will bring happiness to your life

It was a mistake, it was a lie

You will crave for more until you die.

Looking back you will realise,

There is nothing you want now

What you once dreamed as a child.

Is it the world that changes you

Or its up to you,

Your regrets in life are overdue

Get past your selfish dreams and see

What life has to offer and what it was meant to be.


Her hair flew free and so did her thoughts

She tied her hair back

But could not control her thoughts

As a girl she wanted to feel the breeze

The freedom the space is all she needs

To feel the cold wind as she walk

The small pebbles under her feet which felt so soft

Have a morning filled with enthusiasm

To lead her day

A beautiful noon to sweep her away

A night so calm at the beach

All she wanted was a moment to breathe


You were there when she was broke and torn

you were there when she was thin and worn

you were there when she was sad and terrified

but you are not there when she wanted you by her side
the friend in you made her dependent

she couldn’t fine anyone cos she was reluctant

one day you told her you found your love

and now she knows she lost her Truelove
o my my look at her

she is left alone in the world

she had the feelings which you never reciprocate

but was it her fault is still a debate


hum akele khade the un raahon me hath badhaye

magar wo thaamne tab bhi na aye

Jo chale kuch kadam to naye sathi ban Gaye

magar unse to ye bhi bardaasht na hua

wo baanh failaye piche piche chale aye
phir ek dafa hum phir Gaye thhukraye

Jo palat Kar dekha to dur Tak bhi nahi the unke saaye

hum phir bhi uthe aur muskuraaye

phir badhe aur dur nikal aye
Na koi sathi Mila

Na koi bandagi

mili to wo zindagi 
jisme na thi koi ummeed na koi sahaara

bas Tha to ek junoon

ki ab aankhe nam na hongi ye dobaara


Her meeting him was a coincidence…. Him leaving her was not.

Her watching him while playing football was a coincidence…. Him leaving her bruised was not.

A coincidence can bring someone into your life but it is up to you to retain that someone. Coincidence can happen in starting but to move forward you have to come up with a plan… A coincidence never known until you make efforts to turn that coincidence into reality using planning.

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End of summer

Is it bad to demand attention from the one you care about the most?? Is it wrong to expect a little act of love from the one you do everything for ??? 

We should give space to our partners but if one demands a little bit of attention for sometime, why cant the other do something to make them happy… And if they simply don’t care about making each other happy then is that really worth to be in such relationship… if they can’t talk for even 15 minutes without fighting is that a relationship worth fighting for… No it’s NOT 

We make relations to be happy, not to sit in one corner of the world alone for the rest of the life… And if a relationship makes you feel so then that relationship is not the one… 

Game of Names

There is a famous quote by Shakespeare, ‘What’s in a name ?’

But I think that there is everything in a name. Our world works on this one very important thing ‘NAME’. Thousands of girls are still murdered before they are born, and many after their birth too – because they will not bear their family name in future, clearly this name is much more important than life.

A girl is expected to leave her name behind – just like everything else – after marriage. She will have this ‘new name’ which she has to use as long as she is married, but what if that marriage will not sustain, what if she gets divorced ? then which name is she going to use?

This question seems to be irrelevant for some, but it is very important. The very first identity of any person is the name, then why is it expected for a woman always to change it. Why can’t they keep their name without any problem or issue ?

Parents who want a boy, and are working so hard to get one, why can’t they teach their daughters everything with the same zeal as they would have taught a boy? They can teach whatever they want to their daughter, they can make them confident and smart enough to answer the ‘society’s’ each and every question, they can ask them to dream and give them the confidence that they are standing behind them to put every effort to fulfill it.

A girl child is no less than a boy child, it is how you raise your children that makes a difference. This name game will surely end someday somehow, and the sooner we understand this, the better our life will be.






Gift of love

The girl you met was dark and shallow

She had this fear

Everyone will leave her

Everyone will hurt her

The girl was not polite

But she felt everything

She made you wait outside 

Because she was not ready to let someone in

You made her ebullient

You kept her alive

The girl let you in 

She opened her heart

Because you made the place sunny

Which was once dark

The girl will fight 

Because she is still afraid 

To show her feelings

But she knows you will not give up

Your love will discover 

What her heart really says

Once you are there 

She will lose herself

The girl knows 

It was all your faith

What love has given her

No one can ever take.